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WordPress Sliding Widgets Plugin will help your to create a sliding icon list dynamically where you can place links to social media pages like facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedin, instagram, google plus and pinterest. It also has a lightbox sliding contact form that easily integrates with contact form plugins such as Contact Form, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and any other contact form shortcode

Sliding Social Icons Pro

The pro version lets you change the placement of the widget, and in later versions, it will also add different appearance templates

$15 $15

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1. Download the plugin then upload ‘sliding-social-icons’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory –OR– Download and install the plugin
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Go the settings page to put in your URL’s

Recent Updates

1. Pro version development underway and should be ready soon
1. Added support for gravity forms, contact form 7, contact form and many more
2. Added ability to place the sliding social icons on the right side of the page

Download Plugin


Download Plugin

25 thoughts on “Sliding Social Icons – Free WordPress Plugin

  1. У меня не работает плагин, так как надо.На светлом фоне иконки белые.Можно ли изменить, чтобы цвет панелей показывался как у вас на скриншоте. На темном фоне плагин отлично работает

    1. hi there
      i checked your site, and you have some conflicting CSS in your #footer li
      which is causing the problem.
      add this CSS rule to fix it:

      .contact-side li {
      display: block !important;
      margin-bottom: 5px !important;

  2. I have just added the widget and it appears fine when I am logged into the WordPress admin, but as soon as I log out, it disappears.

  3. This is an amazing plugin! I have had multiple clients comment on how well it works on my site because of the colour changing capability and how it all connects to my sites so easily!

    Going to buy the Pro version ASAP for all of the sweet perks!

    Thank you Smartcat!

  4. Hi there! I have installed your wonderfull Plugin SlidingSocial Icons in my wordpress site:, but it not woks good… I can´t see the icons!!! I will cry. Can you help me? I am a beginer -medium wordpress user from Venezuela. Thank you in advance!

      1. Hi, now it is working!
        I want to thank you for offering us this wonderful plugin. It is very useful, configurable and well designed. Congratulations. Thanks again for your support.

  5. Love this plug-in I use contact me and would love to be able to have an integration. I also use book fresh and if possible it would be great to have the same. Thanks!

  6. Hi,

    i installed the plugin in the domain,

    but now is not working, appears this message:

    Warning: extract() [function.extract]: First argument should be an array in /home4/ab90598/public_html/ on line 22

    what could happen?

    thanks a lot!!

    is a great plugin!!!


    1. hi david and thanks for reporting the error. to fix that quickly for now, please go to the settings page, and press the Save button. that should remove this error you are getting, and i will fix the plugin and release an update soon that prevents the error from happening. thank you!

          1. oh thats great ! im glad to know that its working now!
            The pro version will be available this week, im going to try to have it ready in the next few days

    1. currently its inactive that’s why its not letting you change it, the next update will allow you to change the social bar’s position on the page to top, right or bottom

  7. Hi,

    I just installed this plugin and I am impressed.
    Could you please upgrade the plugin to add more social website profiles. May be, you should take a look @ my tumblr blog.

    I am looking for the option to add my social profiles on
    2. google plus
    3. tumblr blog
    4. github

    If this plugin is available on github, I would like to fork and work along with you, because, I was about to develop a similar kind of plugin, but found your plugin just in time.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. hi there, im doing an update in a couple of days and it will have more social profiles with the update.

      thank you!

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