Google Site Kit – A WordPress Plugin by Google

Google has recently announced a very promising plugin that will likely gain massive support from WordPress developers and site owners. If you have worked in the web industry, odds are you’re already familiar with Google tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console (webmaster tools), Adsense and Page Speed Insights. These tools have become standard among all WordPress developers, marketing teams and SEO experts.

Google plans on combining the data from these services, and placing the information right in your WordPress dashboard. Additionally, Site Kit will provide you insights on each post and page of your website.

With these tools being integrated into your WordPress site, you will get instant and up-to-date information about your site without having to navigate away from your dashboard. Additionally, you can track your campaign performance and conversion rates.

Google is currently collecting a list of users who are interested in testing out the Beta. What is interesting is that Google is asking users to sign an NDA should they be chosen for Beta testing. Data collected from users during the Beta will help Google improve this plugin, and most likely add features based on user feedback.

If you’re interested in using Site Kit, you can sign up for the beta here:

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