ZEAL – A Premium Magazine-Inspired Theme For WordPress

Meet ZEAL Pro, the latest Premium theme for WordPress from Smartcat.

This magazine-style theme features the highest degree of customization available from any Smartcat theme to date.

Designed for the design-savvy WordPress user, ZEAL Pro is perfectly suited to showcase periodicals, blog sites and other creative content. ZEAL Pro also features new custom Post Types from Smartcat never seen before.

A Design Lover’s Dream

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From a hexidecimal color picker, to settings as specific as the image-to-blog size ratio, ZEAL Pro has been built to allow the user a wide degree of control from the WordPress Customizer, without the need to code.

Features include:

  • A two or three column layout for a distinct, tiled blog
  • 11 Theme skin colors, plus HTML colour picker or image option for the page background
  • Up to three featured posts and seven widget areas on the homepage
  • Background image for five widget areas
  • Five new Smartcat widgets for essential business info

ZEAL Pro Special Features & Widgets

Zeal Pro includes six kinds of pre-stylized custom content types to publish, with more features and settings than a standard post. Known in WordPress as “Custom Post Types.” ZEAL Pro’s Custom Post Types are:

  • Events – Publicize important events for your organization in an elegant events feed. Each event includes a location, start time, end time, image and description.
  • FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions These appear as a stylized list of questions & answers.
  • Gallery – Display a feed of images in a beautiful tiled layout, that expand over a black background when clicked.
  • News – These shorter, blog-post-like content pieces feature a title, an image and small bit of text. They allow you to have a separate news feed from your Posts Page, and are perfect for posting brief updates, or linking to relevant news items on other sites.
  • Testimonials – If people have good things to say about you, tell the world. This sliding carousel feed appears within stylized quotations, with the attributed speaker named below.
  • Team Members – Display your staff roster, share contact information, and other important details about the people who make your organization tick.

You can display these custom Post Types in a full-width Widget Area, on a standard WordPress page of their own, or both. Check out the ZEAL Pro demo to see these Custom Post Types in action.

ZEAL Pro Widgets

ZEAL Pro also includes these five custom widgets, designed to that make displaying the most important content on your site quick and easy. The widgets are:

  • Zeal Contact Form
  • Zeal Contact Info
  • Zeal Pricing Tables
  • Zeal Services
  • Zeal Call To ACtion

They’re easily configured in just a few clicks.

Learn How To Use ZEAL Pro

Our interactive, live demo of ZEAL Pro is loaded with examples of the theme’s custom features, as well as instructions on how to set them up.

The ZEAL Blog features articles sourced directly from our ZEAL Pro theme documentation, where you can read more in-depth about how to get your site up and running.

Our Smartcat FAQ’s page features the most commonly asked questions about ZEAL Pro from other new users, just like you.

Finally, the ZEAL Pro documentation can be found in the theme, as well as linked to here.

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