Improve Athena Pro Frontpage Loading Speed

February 16, 2018

You can observe Athena Pro Frontpage Loading style on our demo site.

As you can see, by default, Athena Pro frontpage loads the widgets before the Jumbotron. However, on a slower site, the delay of the Jumbotron load might be exaggerated. To avoid this, and optimize the Athena Pro Frontpage Loading style, make sure to check these four things:

1. The file size of the images in the Jumbotron. Make sure your images are optimized for the web – No more than 1200 pixels wide for a full width image, JPG format, and under 250 KB. (The lower the better.)

2. The number of active plugins on your site. A large number of active plugins will cause your site to load more slowly.

3. Your site hosting. Inquire with your hosting provider whether there are faster site speed options available to you.

4. Your Internet connection. Its possible a slow Internet connection is the cause of the delay in page load. This may be the case if you observe a slow load on our demo site as well as your own.

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