How do I manage my license?

June 4, 2018

When you purchase a product from Smartcat, you will receive a license key, which you need to activate in order to use the product, and receive free updates. You can activate your license key, de-activate it, move it or migrate your license key to another domain, or retrieve a lost license key on a website that you no longer have access to.

You can manage all your Smartcat purchased product licenses easily from the Account page on our website. To do so, login to your account on our website, by visiting this link. From there, you will see your purchase history, along with a link to View Licenses next to each purchase. Clicking on View Licenses will allow you to see details about this license, such as number of remaining activations, expiration date, and Manage Sites which is the option you need to click, in order to show all the sites where the license is active.

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