Team Member Management

June 9, 2017

When you activate Athena as a theme, it will recommend you download Smartcat’s Team plugin Our Team Showcase.

Built and maintained by Smartcat, this plugin is your best option for seamless integration a team comprehensive display on your website.

Adding Team Members

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Team > Add New. Title the team member post with their name, upload a square-cropped featured image (eg. 400 x 400px), enter a bio, and any other information you wish to include. There are fields for contact information, links to authored articles on the site, social profiles and more.

Create as many team members as you like. Once you’re done, you can display team members on your site in a few ways:

  1. On their own page: Enter the short-code [our-team] on to a page whereever you’d like the team showcase to dispaly.
  2. In a sidebar widget: Use Smartcat’s Our Team Showcase Sidebar widget to automatically display up to 10 team members in a sidebar.
  3. In a full-width widget: Enter the same shortcode as in option 1. into a widget. Note that the functionality for the Single Member view for team members is not the same in Widgets as it is on a page.

You can adjust many aspects of the way your team member showcase appears from the settings panel of the plugin, accessible from your WordPress dashboard. You can learn more about using the Our Team Showcase plugin in the documentation, or in this article on the Smartcat website.

Our Team Showcase also has Team Portal extension, available through the Smartcat Products page, which allows your Team Members to log in to view restricted content, and manage their own portfolios. Learn more about Our Team Showcase and the Member Login Portal on our site.

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