Using Smartcat Modules

February 12, 2018

Many of Smartcat’s Pro themes include Modules, which allow you to display beautifully styled pages or Widgets by simply filling out just a few fields of information. No custom development required. This is a general article describing all the Modules availble.

Each theme includes a different mix of modules. Refer to your particular theme under Modules in the WP dashboard to determine which Modules are included in your theme.

Using Smartcat Modules

To publish a module on your site (in either a page or a widget) start by creating the module to feature.

In the WordPress dashboard, under Modules​ select the module you would like to create and click New,​ beside the page title.

Fill out the required fields, then click Publish​. The information you can include for each module is listed below:

  • Call to Action Widget Only
  • Clients​: Title (the client’s name or organization), page body (information you would like to note about the client), URL and location.
  • Contact Form Widget Only
  • Contact Info Widget Only
  • Events​: Event title, page body (description), event date, start and end time, location and author.
  • FAQTitle (Question), page body (answer)
  • Gallery​: Title and featured image.
  • NewsTitle, page body, date, featured image. News functions like a secondary blog roll on your site.
  • Pricing Table Widget Only
  • Projects​: Title, page body (description), subtitle, project URL, video URL, completion date and featured image.
  • Testimonials: ​Title (name) and page body (testimonial).
  • Work History Title (position), page body, organization, start date, end date, featured image

Displaying Modules

To display modules in a widget on the frontpage sections or sidebars, simply go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets​ and add the Smartcat widgets to the widget areas of your choice. The widgets will automatically output the module content created in Step 1.

If you want to display a module on its own page, go to Pages > Add New​. Title your page and select the module you want to display under the Template​ dropdown menu (see right). Click Update to save.

You do not need to insert anything into the page copy itself. ​Your modules will now automatically appear on this page when you visit it, in the same way posts appear on your posts page.

Modules can be enabled and disabled by going to Appearance > Customize > Custom Modules > Modules.

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