Zeal Frontpage Options

June 9, 2017

Below the widgets on your homepage, you’ll find an area called “The Frontpage.” This is a default WordPress theme feature, where you can feature either:

  • Your recent Posts (a blog roll); or
  • A standard WordPress page

You can set this content from Customize > Frontpage > Homepage Content.

If you want to have your recent posts appear in this area, set your Front page display to Recent Posts. They’ll appear in a stacked layout of boxes, as defined in the Blogroll settings.

If you want to have another static page that doesn’t change, set your Front page display to A static page.

You’ll need to choose a page from your list of published pages to occupy the the Front Page space on your homepage. You’ll also need to to create a page where your blog roll will appear, which you’ll set as your Posts Page.

If you don’t want to use a Front page, under Customize > Frontpage > Homepage Content, go to Show frontpage content and select “Hidden.”

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