Thanks for choosing the Our Team Showcase Pro plugin by Smartcat.

The following article walks you through each of the plugin settings. Once you have the plugin installed on your site, you’ll also be able find this information in your WordPress dashboard under “Team” > “Documentation.”

PLEASE NOTE We released an updated version of Our Team Showcase Pro in January 2016. For information regarding the plugin’s additional features, please see the latest article.

1. Getting Started

After you purchase Our Team Showcase Pro, an email receipt containing a download link will arrive in your inbox. To start your download, click the link labelled “smartcat_our_team”. You now have two options to install the plugin.

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  1. Add the file to your root folder. Unzip the download file and move the unzipped folder in your WordPress directory. Navigate to the root folder of your WordPress install and open the folder labelled “wp-content”. From there, open the folder “plugins,” and drag or copy the “smartcat_our_team” folder into it. Reload your WordPress Dashboard and you will now see a menu option titled “Team”.
  2. Install the plugin directly to your WordPress dashboard. Leave the downloaded file in its zip format (.zip). From the WordPress Dashboard, select “Plugins” from the sidebar menu. At the top of the next page, click “Add New” then “Upload Plugin.” Upload “” and click “Install Now.” Reload your WordPress Dashboard and you will now see a menu option titled “Team”.

Activating Your Plugin

Copy and paste the License Key from the Smartcat purchase summary page or the purchase receipt you received by email. It’s about 30 characters long, a mix of numbers and letters. (Note – the license key is to be confused with Receipt ID, another long string of numbers and letters you’ll see on your receipt. The license key is near the bottom of the email, below the link “Generate & Download Invoice”.)

If you’re already using the free version…

Please note, if you already have the free version of Our Team Showcase installed on your site, available from, deactivate it before you upload the Pro version of the plugin. When you activate the Pro version, all of your settings from the free version will carry over.

2. Adding A Team Member

In your WordPress dashboard side bar, select “Team” > “Add New.”

  • Enter the name of the person to the Title field. The main content box can be used to provide a brief biography of the person, their work history, or the contributions they provide to the team.
  • Additional information, including job title and social media account links may be added using the section below the main content area.
  • A small list of standout skills or proficiencies may also be listed, along with a 1 – 10 rating.
  • If you don’t want these fields to display, simply leave them blank.
  • You can also set a featured image as the main portrait photo for the team member. For best results, use an image with an aspect ration of 1:1, such as 300 x 300 pixels.

Managing Team Members

On the main “Team” page, you find a list of all active team members.

  • Edit their details or change their featured portrait image by clicking on their name, or selecting “Edit”.
  • Change their position in the showcase from your WordPress Dashboard under “Team” > “Re-Order Members.”
  • Click and drag the member to move them, and release the mouse button once that member is in the ideal position.
  • Once the order is set, select “Save Order.”

Deleting & Retrieving Team Members

  • To delete a team member from the showcase, hover over their name then select the red “Trash” link.
  • If you have made a mistake, you can still retrieve the deleted member. After a delete has been performed, there will be a new link titled “Trash (x).”
  • From the Trash, find any deleted members and select either “Restore” or “Delete Permanently”.

3. All Settings

From your WordPress Dashboard sidebar, select “Team” > “Settings”

Team View

  • Template: Select the default layout for you Team Showcase from here.
  • Carousel Slide Speed NEW: Set the speed the Carousel rotates at, or type “false” to disable the auto-rotation completely.
  • Grid Columns: Specify the number of columns per row of members.
  • Margin: Specify the amount of space between each column in a row.
  • Display Social Icons: Toggles whether social icons are displayed over the featured images for each member.
  • Social Icons Links: Specify if you want the social icon links to open in the same page, or in a new page
  • Social Links Style: Specify if you want to use round colored icons, or flat icons
  • Display Name: Toggles whether the member names are displayed over the featured images.
  • Name Font Size: Set the font size in px for the name to appear in.
  • Display Title: Toggles whether the member’s job titles are displayed over the featured images.
  • Title Font Size: Set the font size in pixels. Specify the number value here
  • Number of members to display: Specify a limit to the number of displayed members, or -1 to show all members.
  • Max Word Count: Specify the number of words output in the preview for the Team Member
  • Main Color: Specify the main color, used as the background for member name and job title text.
  • Single Team Member Permalink Slug: Enter a default text value for the URL for Single Member View.

Single Member View

  • Template: Set the way a single member is displayed when selected from the showcase. “Card (pop-up)” displays an index card style display of a single member. A custom template may also be selected from the drop-down menu. The custom template should be a file located in “/inc/template/team_members_template.php”.
  • Card Margin from Top: For the “Card (pop-up)” template, adjust the space between the top of the card and the top of your site. Can be useful to accommodate a Sticky Header.
  • Panel Margin from Top: For the “Side Panel” template, adjust the space between the top of the panel and the top of your site. Can be useful to accommodate a Sticky Header.
  • Display Social Icons: Toggles whether social icons are displayed when viewing an individual team member.
  • Image Style: (Pro version) Specifies whether the featured image should have a round or rectangular border, when viewing an individual team member.
  • Additional Settings: For information on the Skills, Featured Content and Attributes panels, refer to our article on OTS Version 3.0.

Staff Directory Options

  • Select which of the three Columns you’d like to display in the Directory, in addition to the default “Name”, by selecting “Yes” or “No” for each.
  • Rename the Columns by populating the text field with your own word choice for Title / Group / Phone Number.
  • Enable Search: Adds or removes a search bar for the team members in your directory.
  • Sort Alphabetically?: Select “Yes” to have the directory automatically appear in alphabetical order.

4. Placing Our Team Showcase Pro On A Page

Now that you have your team members loaded, you may be ready to post the plugin on your site. To include a showcase display on any page of your site, place the shortcode below wherever you want it to appear within the page.

5.Sorting Team Members In To Groups

The “Groups” function in Our Team Showcase Pro allows you to post different groups of teams on to different pages of the site. You can use it to sort team members by job title, department, location, or any other criteria.

  • Create a new Group by going to “Team” > “Groups” in your WordPress dashboard.
  • The group will have a “slug” which you’ll add to the Short-code when you want to the Showcase to display only team members of a specific group.
  • To display a group, add the slug to the shortcode as follows:

6. Changing The Template Using Shortcodes

The default template is “Grid – Boxes.” You can change this layout by including a different extension to the shortcode when you add it to a page. View the other layout options in the Our Team Showcase Demo. To change the default template, select “Settings” under the “Team” menu, and select the desired template from the drop-down list.

You can us different short code layouts on different pages, and – depending on your theme – sometimes twice on a single page.

The options that can be placed within the quotes are as follows: grid, grid_circles, hc, stacked, carousel, directory:




Grid Circles 1

Grid Circles 2


Staff Directory with Searching & Sorting

7. Single Member View Options

There are four formats for the single member view for each team member for the Pro version of this plugin.

  • The default is Post Page. This will load the single member page based on your theme’s single.php file.
  • Card (pop-up) (shortcode extension: single_template=”vcard”) This will load a lightbox and the member details in a sliding box.
  • Side Panel (shortcode extension: single_template=”panel”) When you click on a member a panel slides in from the right side of the screen that includes all their details in a very appealing design.
  • Custom Templage his will load the single member page from a custom template file (team_members_template.php).
  • Disabled (shortcode extension: single_template=”disable”) If you’re not ready to complete the profile for each Team Member, this setting disables the single member view link completely.

8. The Sidebar Widget

The plugin comes with an easy to use widget designed for appearing in your site Sidebar. In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” and find “Our Team Sidebar Widget”

You can drag & drop the widget into any sidebar widget placeholder.

9. Custom Templates

The plugin allows you to choose between several options for displaying single members. By default, the team member single page follows the theme’s single.php file.

You can choose to use the custom template, which is included in the plugin. In the Team plugin Settings page, under Single Member View Settings, select Custom Template. That tells the plugin to use the included custom template file.

Overriding the Custom Template File

To override the file, do not edit it from the plugin. Instead, copy the file team_members_template.php (found in /inc/template/team_members_template.php) into your theme’s root folder. You can edit this file to your liking.

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