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Smartcat Solutions Inc. has released a free WordPress plugin that allows users to automatically feed data from their WordPress site into the dashboard.

This is great news for businesses using to automate email marketing and build customer behavioral profiles, looking for an easy way to integrate with WordPress.

“The idea behind this plugin is to make it simple for businesses running on WordPress to feed their form data into” says lead developer Bilal Hassan. “They can leverage more useful customer data from their websites, and thus create more targeted and successful campaigns.”

Free Gravity Forms Add-on

The plugin functions as an add-on for Gravity Forms, one of the most popular form building extensions for WordPress. The plugin can send customer information to the dashboard, as well as feed into campaigns relating to Form use on the site.

For instance, a user can assign campaigns in to their existing forms in WordPress, such as the Contact Form, Newsletter Sign-up, or Quote Request form. The plugin registers events and contact information based on form use.

Smarter Campaigns for Higher Conversion

“Smart” automated marketing tools such as, Mailchimp and Infusionsoft are the latest frontier of online marketing, targeting users based on the number of times they’ve visited a site, how frequently they return, their average spend per month, and more.

These tools also track traditional online marketing metrics such as open rate, clicks, bounce rate and location to create specific customer profiles, and allowing companies to create more targeted messaging.

“ dramatically improved the way we communicate with our customers,” says
Ben Buckwold CEO at Red River Press Inc. & “We have seen a 20% increase in our conversion rate, have gained significant insight into our customers’ habits, trends, and needs, and formed more personal relationships.”

For more information on integrating with your WordPress site using the Smartcat plugin, click here.

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