uCare Support – A Professional Support System for WordPress & WooCommerce

We are glad to announce our latest plugin uCare Support – A plugin tailored for website owners & operators that want to have a support ticket system on their WordPress website. We have spent months planning and building this highly functional plugin with the user in mind. We know there are already multiple support system plugins that are free, and we decided to build this plugin from the ground up, because this plugin succeeds where a lot of other plugins fail.


uCare Support System is a free plugin, that is tailored towards companies who want to provide a professional support ticketing system. We built this plugin for companies who are serious about providing support and customer service. This plugin is an excellent and free alternative to using support systems such as Freshdesk, Zendesk, Salesforce Desk.com or others.


  • User Roles: uCare creates multiple user roles( Support user, Support Agent & Support Admin ), allowing you to give access to your support agents to use the system, without giving them any additional WordPress access.
  • Real-time tickets & comments: The ticket list and comments will automatically load & update as they come in. You do not need to keep refreshing your browser.
  • Tabbed tickets: Work on multiple tickets at the same time. With this feature, each ticket opens in a separate tab, allowing you to see the full ticket list, and switch from one ticket to another in a separate tab.
  • Filtering & Searching: Search & filter tickets by agent, product, status, customer name, email and more!
  • Automated emails: uCare Support System includes an automated notifications system, which sends emails to your customers when you or one of the agents replies to a ticket. The emails are also fully customizable and come with shortcodes.
  • Ticket Status: This allows you to update the status of a ticket as it progresses from New to Resolved. Additionally the system will automatically update the status when you open a ticket or respond to it.
  • Assigned Tickets: Assign tickets to various agents. This allows your support team to pass tickets from one agent to another, which provides a great experience for your staff and customers.
  • Cached & Ajax-ed: uCare uses Ajax to load tickets and ticket data on the fly. The ticket list is paginated, which means the queries will run much faster, and data will load only when needed. This ensures that the plugin uses as little resources as it can, making it fast and server-friendly.
  • E-Commerce integration: uCare Support System for WordPress is integrated with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. This means that your existing and new customers can login with the same credentials they have to create support tickets.
  • Compatibility: uCare support system is fully responsive, with a beautiful design, and works with any theme.
  • Painless install: This plugin will work with ANY theme. Once you install & activate it, the plugin will automatically set up what it needs, without impacting any theme behaviour.

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