If you need some customization to make a Smartcat product suit your site or brand, we’re happy to provide. Here’s how to get customization:

  1. Visit our Get Support page and fill out a support form including your order number and website.
  2. Under “Question Regarding,” select “Smartcat Support Plus.”
  3. A Smartcat support specialist will contact you to get the details of your request, and confirm pricing and timeline.
  4. If the terms work for your team, you’ll be directed here to purchase the Support Plus product advised by your Support Specialist.
  5. Email us to confirm you purchase, and provide WP Admin or FTP access to your website, as required.
  6. A Smartcat developer will be assigned to your Support Plus ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve navigated to this page on your own, rather than as directed by a Smartcat Support Specialist, DO NOT purchase product customization. Rather, submit your support ticket first to confirm pricing, and the availability of our development resources to execute your request on time.

What kind of customization do you need?

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Thanks for choosing Smartcat! We look forward to working with you.