Take control of your search performance by understanding SEO. Smartcat can help.

Tier 1 – SEO Report

If this is your first step into the world of SEO, this report is the place to start. It gives you everything you need to understand your site’s SEO status and potential.
This original report will show you where your site stands overall by measuring various metrics. Details include your site rank on the Internet, the amount of traffic you’re receiving, and the amount of link backs. This report will also identify SEO issues on your site. We will give you a list of the issues that need to be addressed that are preventing people from find your website.

Tier 2 – Hands-On Seach Engine Optimization

Tier 2 includes the SEO report described in Tier 1, plus hands-on assistance on your site. A Smartcat SEO expert dedicates two days going through your site to address the SEO urgent issues.

This optimization includes focus on site titles, meta descriptions and keywords for up to 20 pages or posts. We will deliver a summary of recommended content changes based on our findings. It will immediately improve your site performance on Search Engines and over time, you will start to see the benefits with increased site traffic.

For a custom, indepth SEO site customization, including all details on every page of your site, please contact us directly a custom development quote.

NOTE – We require WP admin credentials to deliver this product. Following payment, we will contact you to arrange.

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