Something wrong with your WordPress site?

Are there things on your site that should be working, but aren’t ?

Is your site broken on the front end need a developer? Enlist Smartcat to login, investigate and offer WordPress debugging.

This service includes initial diagnostics of the issue you describe. If we can fix the issue in 2 hours or less, we will.

If the issue cannot be resolved in two hours, or further issues are uncovered, we will contact you and let you know your options.

Smartcat WordPress Debugging Services Include:

  • Appearance fixes
  • Broken CSS
  • Colors & fonts changes
  • Images not loading correctly
  • Hard-coded text changes
  • Fix any CSS JS issues
  • Front-end errors
  • Fix any wordpress errors or problems
  • Issues around WooCommerce

NOTE – We will require WP admin login credentials to provide this service. Following payment, Smartcat will contact you to arrange site access.