Your site’s speed is a crucial factor of its success. Not only does site speed affect your SEO rank with Search Engines, it also affects User Experience. Customers who have to wait a long time for the pages of your site to load will get frustrated and leave, resulting in a high bounce rate and lost sales.

Smartcat can help.

Tier 1 – Site Speed Report

Let us find out what is slowing down your site. We will tell you in exact metrics (seconds and milliseconds) how fast your site loads, and how fast it compares to other sites. This report includes a list of the factors impacting your site speed, and a description of the factors that block it from loading faster. We provide you with detailed list of recommendations on what to change or what tools to add to your site to make it run faster.

Tier 2 – Site Speed Optimization

An expert developer will work on your site, combining files, optimizing the speed without changing any other aspect of the user experience on the site. At the end of the optimization we will show you metrics about the site speed before and after optimization. You will be able to immediately see results.

How To Get Started

Purchase your desired service to get started. One of our experts will reach out to you to arrange access to your site and give you a report deadline. Once we have all the required information, a report can be produced within two business days.

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