How To Display Our Team Showcase

September 13, 2017

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, and added team members, you are ready to display Our Team Showcase on your WordPress site.

To display our team showcase on any page of your site, simply place the Our Team Showcase shortcode where you want it to appear within the page

You can also indicate a specific group to display, as well as override the settings for the full team and single member templates through the short-code. Here is an example of the shortcode and all of its possible parameters.

display our team showcase

Tip: The group “slug” can be viewed and edited from the plugin settings. Go to Team > Groups and select “Quick Edit” for the group you want to use. The slug should have no capital letters, and use underscores (group_slug) or dashes (group-slug) instead of spaces.

Overriding your settings is useful when you want to display the showcase in different ways on different pages.

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