WordPress 4.7 has been released! check out the new features

The awaited for 4.7 version of WordPress is now out, with new features that both regular users and developers will love!

“Vaughan” is the name of this WordPress version, in honor of legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan.

New features:

Starter content:

This feature allows developers to display dummy content in the theme customizer when you first install it, allowing you to preview the theme in customizer, and start visualizing your website in that theme. This dummy content will only appear to you as the site admin, and will not show up on the public site. A great feature which will make it easier for WordPress admins to play around with themes and decide on which one to use.

Video headers:

WordPress now supports video headers( currenly mp4 and mov files, as well as youtube videos ). Theme authors can choose to integrate this into their existing and new themes. This feature is included in Twenty Seventeen

Custom CSS:

No need to download custom CSS plugins, WordPress now has a Custom CSS feature, which also works in the live customizer! Make changes and see them live in action, and save only when you’re happy with the changes.

API Content Endpoints

WordPress REST API V2 provides the tools for a whole new generation of applications that run on WordPress. With content, users, meta and more, developers can leverage WordPress to build web or mobile apps using WordPress data.

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