How To Use WP Construction Mode Pro Plugin for WordPress

Thanks for choosing the WP Construction Mode Pro plugin by Smartcat. This video walks you through the main features and set-up.

Construction Mode Pro Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: “WP Construction Mode is not displaying the Under Construction Page.”

A: If you have toggled WP Construction Mode ON and can’t see the Construction Mode page, try logging out of WordPress to view your site, or opening a second “Incognito” window to view your site.

The plugin is built to allow Admin & Editor status user to continue viewing the site in progress, while public viewers will only see your Under Construction page.

Q: “I turned off the WP Construction Mode plugin, but I can still see the Under Construction Page.”

A: If you are having this issue, odds are WordPress has cached some of the settings. If you are using a Cache plugin, please delete the cache and try again.

You can also try opening your website in an Incognito window to confirm that the Construction Mode plugin is off.

Q: “I can’t access the WP Construction Mode login page.”

A: The plugin is programmed to filter out /wp-admin and /wp-login.php from the redirect hook. If you are trying to login in your site from /wp-admin and are faced with the Under Construction page, please go to

If you have a security plugin activated that changes the login path, it should still account for /wp-login.php.

If all else fails and you are still unable to get in, you can FTP into your site directory and delete the security plugin, or delete WP Construction Mode. Once you gain access to your site again, configure the security plugin in a way to account for /wp-login login attempts, then re-activate WP Construction Mode.

Q: “How can I remove the Login button from WP Construction Mode?”

A: We added this button to allow you quick access to your site dashboard. If you’d prefer to remove it, you can do so by editing the plugin’s CSS file.

FTP to your site and open /wp-content/plugins/wp-construction-mode/inc/style/style.css
then add this line of CSS:

#admin-login{ display: none }

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