Zeal Widget Areas

June 9, 2017

In your Zeal customizer, under Customize > Frontpage, you’ll see the Homepage Widget Areas A-E listed. These full-width widget areas horizontally stacked below the Featured Posts on the homepage.

From this part of the Customizer, you can choose to use or hide each Widget area (select “Visible” to use, or “Hidden” to disable). You can also upload background images for each theme.
You can specify which Widgets are active in each widget area from a different part of the Customizer. (“Widgets”, see below).

Setting Widget Area Background Image

You can set a background image for Widgets A-D by clicking into Homepage A – D. If you don’t want to use an image, leave the image uploader blank. Each widget area has a default color, that cannot be customized from the settings.

Widget Area A will be the same color as the the skin color you set under Customize > Appearance > Skin Color.

Widget Areas B-E will be alternating shades of white, grey and black.

Adding Widget Content

You can set which widgets appear in each widget areas from two places:

  1. Customize > Widgets > Homepage (A-E) > Add or Remove Widget
  2. In the WordPress dashboard, Appearance > Widgets (default WordPress process)

Zeal Custom Widgets

ZEAL features five unique Widgets, as well as five custom Post Type widgets. They’re designed to that make displaying the most important basic content on your site quick and easy. The widgets are:

  • Zeal Call to Action
  • Zeal Contact Form
  • Zeal Contact Info
  • Zeal Current Events
  • Zeal FAQs
  • Zeal Gallery
  • Zeal News
  • Zeal Pricing Tables
  • Zeal Services
  • Zeal Testimonials Carousel

You can find examples of all of these displayed on the Zeal Pro demo site. Setting them up is as easy clicking “Add a Widget” in the customizer, filling out the required fields and clicking Save & Publish.

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