Create WordPress Theme Options The Proper Way

So you’re creating a theme, and you want to create customizations for yourself or your customers. You probably already know that a google search for “how to create theme options” yields tons of results, some are out-dated, others are in-complete or simply lacking. This article will take you through the WordPress Customize API basics, and […]

Facebook re-licenses React under MIT license

Facebook decided to re-license React under the MIT license after their original stance of not budging on the matter. This seems to come shortly after the WordPress team decided to drop React from the Gutenberg project, and was already looking for alternatives such as Vue.js and Preact. This re-licensing also applies to Jest, Flow, and […]

What is new in WordPress 4.9 ?

WordPress 4.9 will be the second major update this year to WordPress and is currently scheduled for release on November 14th, 2017, with the initial beta being available on October 4th. This version aims at making managing plugins and themes easier directly from the dashboard, this includes updating as well as editing theme options in […]

Import WordPress Contacts to

Smartcat Solutions Inc. has released a free WordPress plugin that allows users to automatically feed data from their WordPress site into the dashboard. This is great news for businesses using to automate email marketing and build customer behavioral profiles, looking for an easy way to integrate with WordPress. “The idea behind this […]