Juno Jumbotron Settings

September 11, 2017

The full-width banner at the top of your Juno home page is called the Jumbotron. To access the Juno Jumbotron settings, go to Appearance > Customize > Jumbotron.

Juno Jumbotron Settings

Under General Settings & Post Selection you will see options to:

  • Show or hide the Jumbotron
  • Set up to five featured posts or pages

When you select a Post or Page to be featured in the Jumbotron, it will display the Featured Image you have published with that item.

If you don’t need to use all five slides of the Jumbotron, you can set the display options to “None” for the extra slides you don’t want to use.

You can find additional Juno Jumbotron Settings under Appearance > Customize > Jumbotron > Appearance.

From here you can configure:

  • A custom Jumbotron height on desktop and mobile
  • Slider tint opacity
  • Jumbotron title text color (HTML color picker)
  • Jumbotron title font size
  • Number of words in the preview text from the featured post or page
  • The size of the preview font
  • The slider speed
  • One of 9 transition effects

Displaying the Jumbotron on Other Pages

The Jumbotron can appear on pages other than your website homepage.

In addition, it will also appear on the pages that are set to either the Frontpage Blog or Frontpage Default page templates.

You can set the page template by editing the page you wish to display the Jumbotron on. Select either Frontpage Blog or Frontpage Default from the Template dropdown menu, under publishing options in the right sidebar.

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