Edit Vivita Pro Homepage Widgets

September 20, 2017

Vivita Pro includes five homepage widgets: Areas A-D, plus a footer.

If you don’t want to use all of these widget areas on the homepage, you can disable areas A-D widget areas from the Customizer.

Using Homepage Widgets

Go to Appearance > Customize > Frontpage Content > Widget Area

To edit the content in the Widget Areas, go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Add New.

Vivita Pro includes 13 bonus Widgets that make adding content to the homepage easier than ever. These are:

  • Smartcat Call to Action
  • Smartcat Clients
  • Smartcat Contact Form
  • Smartcat Contact Info
  • Smartcat Events
  • Smartcat FAQ
  • Smartcat Gallery
  • Smartcat New Row
  • Smartcat News
  • Smartcat Pricing Table
  • Smartcat Projects
  • Smartcat Testimonial
  • Smartcat Work History

You can control the number of widgets that fit in one row of a Full Width Widget using Smartcat’s “Widget Width” field. Set the widget width to full or half. Add a second row of widgets by inserting the Smartcat New Row Widget. This doesn’t take up any space on a row, it just creates a new one.

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